Dessert Cheat Sheet

Eid is right around the corner (who else is as excited as I am?) and I’m pretty sure everyone associates desserts and meetha with Eid, just like it’s pakoray and samosay for Ramadan.

I love trying new desserts all the time, but when it comes to hosting or sharing food with family and friends, I always go for my tried and tested recipes, the ones that are always crowd pleasers regardless of age or anything for that matter (sorry gluten free gang). Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating with this list, but who doesn’t need a cheat sheet to sneak a look at every now and then, right?

Shahi Tukray

The first dessert on my list is a no brainer. Eid calls for traditional desserts, and Shahi Tukray are just the thing to make besides your classic kheer or seviyaan. It’s easy to put together and the ingredients list is pantry and fridge staples, ultimately making your life simple. Another plus, you can make this the night before and pull it out when it’s time to serve!

Suji Ka Halwa

If you want traditional, Suji ka Halwa is the way to go. I have two recipes up, a Speedy Suji ka Halwa which is perfect for last minute cravings or unannounced guests, and then there’s the classic and much more decadent Suji ka Halwa, in which the suji is soaked in milk, increasing it’s cook time to an hour, but if you’re willing to mix the halwa for a little while longer than you’re used to, this is how to treat your family and guests this Eid!

Date Truffles

Make a tray of these and leave them out for your guests to enjoy as they chit chat, or box them up in treat boxes and have a thoughtful gift for your Eid guests to take home and enjoy later. Either way, these date truffles are great.

Banana Pudding

Want another make ahead dessert? Classic Banana Pudding. I’ve been making this for a few years now, and every time I make it I don’t have any leftovers, which is the best compliment you can get! It’s easy to make, can be made a day before, and looks great served family style in a trifle dish or you can spend a little extra time and make individual servings.


While we’re on the subject of trifles, why not talk about Berrymisu, my summer take on tiramisu. This summer trifle has the lightest texture with a fluffy cake made using cake mix, fresh berries and lightly sweetened whipped cream. It’s the perfect light dessert to serve after a hearty meal.


If we’re talking about berrymisu, it only makes sense to talk about what inspired it, Tiramisu. Traditional tiramisu required you to beat raw eggs and temper with a sugar syrup, but this easy version comes together in no time, and there’s no daunting steps that will hold back from trying it out. It’s also a crowd pleaser, with that coffee kick, which everyone needs on Eid day!


A classic cheesecake ensures to wow your guests. If you master a basic cheesecake recipe, the possibilities are endless. You can make a strawberry cheesecake, Chocolate cheesecake, Oreo cheesecake, cookie dough cheesecake, all with just a few added ingredients. Bake your favorite variation the night before and chill overnight so the flavors can deepen, and on Eid day serve up a slice of creamy goodness. You can even bake your cheesecake too days before, just keep it in an airtight container and it’ll taste great the second day as well!

Strawberry Puffs

It’s not necessary to make a dessert on eid that involves a long list of ingredients and hours to make. Sometimes you just want to throw something simple together, something you can enjoy eating with your family and friends in stead of being in the kitchen while everyone else has fun. Enter strawberry puffs. they literally have 3 ingredients. Puff pastry, strawberries and sugar. You can make them ad fancy as you want, or even make one large puff and slice it to serve. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The puff pastry absorbs the strawberry juices as it puffs up, creating the perfect little bite to have with chai or coffee.

Bread Pudding

I have so many versions of Bread and Butter Pudding up, three to be exact. They all vary in amounts of eggs and milk, which is actually great because you can choose which one to make according to how much of each you have left in your fridge. The most recent version is a favorite of mine, with toasted coconut adding such a subtle yet welcome flavor to the custard soaked bread. But if you have croissants drying out in your kitchen, Croissant Pudding is definitely the way to go. And then there’s always roomful a classic in my kitchen, and this classic Bread and Butter Pudding is a winner!

Brownies and Cookie Bars

Brownies and Cookie bars are the perfect dessert to bake. Bake them in al are dish, cool them down and cut into bite sized pieces and arrange on a tray and you’re set. They’re a perfect addition to a dessert table, or great on their own with the right amount of indulgence that Paris perfectly with coffee or chai.

There it is, a list of my favorite things. Tried and tested recipes that I have been making for years, most of which will be on my table this Eid! Which ones will you end up making?

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