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Steam Roast Chicken

Let’s make this year’s Holiday Menu one for the books

It’s been a hard year, and we’re all looking forward to relaxing this holiday season. Two long weekends means fun with family and friends! But to some it may be nerve-racking trying to figure out what to cook for all those get togethers, and that’s where I come in. Everyone is in the mood to celebrate, so it’s time to break away from the classics and give your holiday table a breath of fresh air. I’ve laid out deliciously curated menus for you, so all you have to do is choose one and you’re set. Let’s get started, shall we?

A Mediteranean Affair

If you’re looking to impress without stress, this is the way to go. These recipes are truly tried and tested, some dating back to 2013, and they never disappoint. I have everything here for you from appetizers down to dessert, and all of these can be made with ease. Start the meal with a delicious Potato Fatteh, which features potatoes with charred peppers topped with a creamy tahini sauce and pita chips for a crunch. Then move on to the main event with Sumac Chicken that can be prepared with bone in or boneless chicken. Or go the other route with a stovetop Chicken Shawarma that will have your guests going in for seconds and thirds. We can’t have a meal without sides, now can we? So make my delicious creamy Hummus with a zingy Fattoush Salad, and if you have it in you, homemade pita bread. After such a delicious feast you need a flavorful yet light ending, so my tiramisu and orange pound cake would pair great with a cup of kahva or coffee.

Keep it Desi and fun

Who said desi food is boring? You can have a great holiday meal with your classics that everyone will enjoy. Start off with your favorite snacks like keema samosas or Papri Chaat and you’ll have everyone’s attention. Go the classic route with a bird and make my smokey Steam Roast Chicken or go the fusion way and make Chapli Kabab Sliders. Either way you go the crowd will be pleased. I always make my Paratha Rolls, no matter how many dishes I already have, and an easy Mint Chutney will take the whole meal home. But don’t go easy on dessert. Make Mango Tres Leches for that perfect end of meal treat, or go classic and make Shahi Tukray. All of that and a cup of chai and you’ll be put in charge of holiday meals from now till the end of time!

Chinese food is the best

If you end up choosing this menu, I am coming over! Let’s set the scene. It’s cold outside. Like really cold. Your guests come in, chilled to their bones, and you greet them with a steaming bowl of soup. Hot and Sour Soup and Chicken Corn Soup are both my favorite, and will keep everyone warm as they await the feast! Now, the one tip I would give you if you’re making Chinese food is to have everything prepped. Whether you do it a day before or the morning of, have all those veggies chopped, the chicken marinated, and the rice and noodles ready to go. That way, pulling together this fabulous menu will be no trouble at all. Make some Egg Fried Rice and Chow Mein. For the main entrees a Chicken Chili Dry and Chicken Manchurian combo would be amazing. You can also try your hand at Chicken with Almonds. Since you’ll be cooking all these the day of, get a break with a make ahead dessert like Espresso Brownies or Banana Pudding.

Comfort food for the win

If there was ever a time for comfort food, it would be now. And for a time like now, I give you my ultimate mashup of comfort foods. Start the meal with some delicious Pakistani Chicken Patties and Veggie Patties. These can be made in advance and frozen, so they’re a great option. For the main event Make some delicious Chicken Burgers and Moroccan Chicken and you will instantly be transported to Lahore. And if that’s not enough, add some Tex-Mex flair with my favorite Veggie Enchiladas. End this delicious meal with a Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie, baked fresh and topped with creamy vanilla ice cream. One dessert is never enough so maybe add Apple Crisp for good measure.

You got this!

I hope these menus help take a load off of your to-do list, because spending time with family and friends should be fun, not stressful! The best tip I can give is prep ahead of time. There are so many things that can be done a day or two in advance. You can prepare the vegetables, marinate the meat. Some things can even be cooked in advance and frozen, only to be thawed and reheated the day of. Dessert is something you can definitely make a day or two in advance. Don’t forget to have fun, because isn’t that the point?!

As always, if you try any of my recipe I would love to hear how they turned out!

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